12 Dec 2011

Nine Dragon Wall in Forbidden City

Nine Dragon WallForbidden City­—a special sign of Beijing is also a typical representation of China. When having a Beijing tour, you should not miss this world famous attraction. Forbidden City is located in the center of Beijing with the most convenient transportation. And with such a high fame, Forbidden City attracts large numbers of tourists from all over the world all the year round.

In front of the Emperor Extremely Hall in the Forbidden City there is a place every visitor will pay a visit to – Nine Dragon Wall. There are three Nine Dragon Walls existing in China now, one is located in the Forbidden City, one is situated in Beihai Park and another is located in Shanxi Datong. The Nine Dragon Wall in Forbidden City, is one of the most beautiful one, called a model of urban sculpture in ancient China, which is China’s only Nine Dragon Wall well preserved along with the original building.

The Nine Dragon Wall in Forbidden City was built in the 38th year of Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty. As is well known, the Emperor Extremely Hall is the very comfortable place for the Emperor Qianlong after the abdication of the old age. It was side that Emperor Qianlong is interested in Nine Dragon Wall in Beihai Park, so he decided to build a fake in front of the Emperor Extremely Hall as the decoration to appreciation. The Nine Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City is 20.40 meters long, 3.50 meters high screen wall of tall glass. The positive parts were made of 270 block of plastic glass mosaic, the screen wall is decorated with nine dragons, each play a Pearl while the background are full of rocks, clouds and water.

The shapes of the night dragons on the wall are all lifelike, with various kinds of manners. In order to highlight the image of the dragon, the craftsmen used the technology of fired to shape them with rich three-dimensional; and using bright yellow, blue, white, purple and other colors to make nine-dragon sculpture of extremely fine, very beautiful. If you look closely, you will find a few unique from the east third of the body of a White Dragon tiles, original it was up to their work. Experts believe that the reason why the Nine Dragon Wall in Forbidden City looks vividly is that the craftsmen in the preparation of color when using color compensation principle, very impressive.

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